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Getting a piano or keyboard

Having your piano tuned

Buying books and sheet music

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Practicing - Students have to practice in order to make progress. If they don't practice, they're going to be unprepared in their lessons and feel unhappy and unsuccessful. Every child is unique and needs a different type and amount of help from parents with their practicing. They may need help remembering to practice, fitting it in around other activities, or sticking with it when they feel tired or frustrated.

This is a great opportunity for you to guide them to learn self-discipline and perseverance. Please don't expect them to manage their practicing totally on their own.

Help your child keep track of their practicing accomplishments with my
"Practice Record" sheets.

Read my much longer, more detailed "Practice Tips."

Attendance - Regular attendance at lessons is critical to your child's success. Occasional illnesses and emergencies are a fact of life, but cancelling lessons frequently because of other activities is not wise. It interrupts your child's learning routine and teaches them that you and they are not really committed to their music study.

For the same reasons, cancelling lessons because a child hasn't practiced is not OK.

Getting a piano or keyboard - For piano students, a real piano is always best, but not always possible. You can find used pianos cheaply or free at , Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

If a real piano isn't possible for you, I recommend the Yamaha "P" series digital piano. Models 85, 95, 115 and 125 are all good.

Shop for them new at Guitar Center, Musicians Friend or Sweetwater, or used on Craigslist or Facebook.

Having your piano tuned - I recommend:
Robert String   
Anthony McKenna   1-617-484-5600

Buying books and sheet music - You can download sheet music and print it instantly at or

If you want to order a real book, look at or JW Pepper.

Don't go to Wood and Strings in Arlington. They mark up the prices several dollars beyond the publisher's suggested price.

Apps I Recommend

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