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I like when we have music and Paula makes it so fun. - Tina

I like music with Paula because I think she's good at piano. She is a good role model. - Olivia

I like Paula's voice a lot, lot, lot! - Kasey

I love music with Paula. We get to dance and sing and everything. It is so fun! - Sasha

I like Paula because she is always humorous and happy. - Louis

Everyone worked together to get this song done. It was interesting hearing everyone's ideas. I loved to contribute and I think this song will find a place in my heart. - Ross

I like our song because we made up everything by our imagination. - Emma

It's been great working with Paula. Our song is really cool. - Gabe

Paula has made history. Paula's magical. Working with Paula was so fun. Paula's smile lit up the room. At first I thought that music was so easy to write. I learned that it's a long adventure. - Thalia

It was really meaningful writing the song because it was our own ideas and Paula just went with it and directed us when we needed it. - Darya

This project has been quite meaningful to me, not just because of the thrill and enjoyment of creating my own music. I think this project has shown me the truth of the saying, "You can do anything if you set your mind to it." - Cal

Semester Calendars:
Winter/Spring 2018
Fall 2018